Our Team

Our management team has over 100 collective years of book industry experience.

Brad Smith
Founder and Managing Director

Brad has lead the company since launch in 2008 and has played a key role in the evolution from a small enterprise to one of the fastest growing booksellers in the UK.

He attributes his success to plenty of hard work and determination to "succeed!" Brad also believes that he can't do these things alone, and has assembled a strong supportive & dynamic management team around him to continue with the company development, and ensure its long term success.

Michelle Ashmore
Customer Service Director

Michelle ensures that The Perfect Book Store has a "can do customer facing attitude" and that there are efficient processes and well trained people to fulfil this vision. Michelle has 8 years experience in customer services and has an in depth understanding (and track record) of achieving continuous business improvements.

Janis Cranfield
Finance & Quality Manager

Janis is a Key member of our management team and is a part qualified accountant. Janis has been with us since launch and manages our finance department while also managing the process of the company obtaining ISO 9001 accreditation.

Glen Keller
Marketing & Brand Manager

Glen has worked in creative media solutions for over 15 years. His attention to detail and strong sense of design and originallity.

Tanya Wilkins
Senior Software Developer

Tanya holds a degree in Business Management and a diploma in Computer Systems, she brings a unique blend of qualities as she manages the drive of our evolution by continually reshaping our operational platform while continually managing a team of Microsoft certified developers.

Danny Broxson
EDI Integration Manager/System Developer

Danny ensures that all of our outbound electronic purchase orders to our new book supply chain partners are effectually communicated.

Danny holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Brighton, he is very passionate about his work and has been involved with EDI technology for the last 10 years. Danny is an avid reader and plays rugby.

Kevin Smith
Logistics Manager

Kevin is head of logistics and is responsible for the quality control and dispatch of all our outbound orders.